Reno Aces
Albuquerque Isotopes


30 minutes until game time! Here's our @renownhealth starting lineup.

2018-05-19 00:07:53

THAT'S HOW YOU START A GAME! Ildemaro Vargas hits a lead-off home run. The last time he did that was August 9th of…

2018-05-19 00:39:33

More runs! Aces jump out to a four-run lead after an inning and a half.

2018-05-19 01:11:30

This guy has 6 K's in three innings tonight.

2018-05-19 01:33:30

Kevin Cron rips a double down the line to score Rey Fuentes. The Aces have a 5-3 lead as Cron picks up his 7th RBI…

2018-05-19 02:01:52

Jack Reinheimer gets in on the action with a RBI double in the top of the 5th. 6-3 Reno.

2018-05-19 02:07:40

Oh baby! Now it's a party. Evan Marzilli adds to the lead with a 2-run double off the wall. THEN Aces starter Tay…

2018-05-19 02:14:42

Taylor Clarke ties a season-high with 9 K's tonight. That's his third time doing so this season.

2018-05-19 02:32:00