Мексика - Лига MX - Женщины 10/02 23:00 15 Чивас Гвадалахара - Женщины vs Клуб Америка - Женщины - View
Мексика - Лига MX - Женщины 10/18 00:00 16 Клуб Америка - Женщины vs УНАМ Пумас - Женщины - View
Мексика - Лига MX - Женщины 10/21 22:00 17 Керетаро - Женщины vs Клуб Америка - Женщины - View


Мексика - Лига MX - Женщины 09/27 00:00 14 [4] Клуб Америка - Женщины v Пачука - Женщины [6] W 2-1
Мексика - Лига MX - Женщины 09/23 00:00 13 [14] Атлетико Сан-Луис - Женщины v Клуб Америка - Женщины [4] W 1-3
Мексика - Лига MX - Женщины 09/20 00:00 12 [4] Клуб Америка - Женщины v Монтеррей - Женщины [3] L 1-2
Мексика - Лига MX - Женщины 09/12 20:45 11 [4] Клуб Америка - Женщины v Хуарес - Женщины [13] W 2-0
Мексика - Лига MX - Женщины 09/04 17:00 8 [15] Пуэбла - Женщины v Клуб Америка - Женщины [3] L 1-0
Мексика - Лига MX - Женщины 08/28 02:05 10 [5] Тихуана - Женщины v Клуб Америка - Женщины [4] W 1-3
Мексика - Лига MX - Женщины 08/24 20:45 9 [5] Клуб Америка - Женщины v Крус Асуль - Женщины [8] W 3-0
Мексика - Лига MX - Женщины 08/21 17:00 8 Пуэбла - Женщины v Клуб Америка - Женщины - PPT.
Товарищеские матчи - Женщины 08/20 20:00 - ФК Милан - Женщины v Клуб Америка - Женщины W 4-5
Товарищеские матчи - Женщины 08/17 21:00 - Reign FC Women v Клуб Америка - Женщины L 2-1
Товарищеские матчи - Женщины 08/14 23:00 - Тоттенхэм - Женщины v Клуб Америка - Женщины W 1-2
Мексика - Лига MX - Женщины 08/11 20:45 7 [5] Клуб Америка - Женщины v Некакса - Женщины [18] W 3-1


Matches played 48 24 24
Wins 27 17 10
Draws 8 2 6
Losses 13 5 8
Goals for 93 48 45
Goals against 53 20 33
Clean sheets 13 8 5
Failed to score 5 2 3

Wikipedia - Club América (women)

Club América Femenil is a Mexican professional women's football club based in Mexico City that competes in the Liga MX Femenil. The club has been the women's section of Club América since 2017. The team play its home games at the Estadio Azteca and at the Cancha Centenario located at their training grounds.

Club America Femenil is one of only four clubs that have been able to win the Liga MX Femenil title.


Founding and First League Tournament

Club America Femenil was founded on December 5, 2016, the same day that Liga MX Femenil was announced. Former Mexico women's national football team manager, Leonardo Cuellar, was appointed as the first manager of the club in February 2017. In preparation for the first season of Liga MX Femenil in the second half of 2017, the team participated in a preparation tournament, the 2017 Copa MX Femenil organized by the FMF. America's first league match in history was a 1–0 victory against Tijuana on July 29, 2017.

In its first Liga MX Femenil tournament (Apertura 2017), America ended the regular phase of the tournament 1st with 35 pts, but they would eventually be eliminated in the semifinals of the play-offs by national rivals and would-be champions C.D Guadalajara, in the first instance of the Clasico Nacional Femenil between the two institutions.

First Title

America Femenil won its first league title in history by winning the Apertura 2018 tournament. In this tournament, America ended the regular phase in 3rd place with 35 pts in the general standings and second in its group. In the playoffs, The team eliminated Toluca (5-3) in the quarter-finals, and Pachuca (1-0) in the semifinals to reach the final against Tigres. America Femenil would eventually win the final against Tigres on penalties (1-3) at Estadio Universitario after a 3–3 draw on aggregate (2-2 at the Azteca, 1–1 at Estadio Universitario).

2019 to Present

For the Clasura 2019 tournament, America once again had a great regular phase ending second in the overall standings with 38 pts, but unable to achieve a bi-championship after being eliminated by Tigres in the semi-finals of the playoffs.

Leo Cuellar decided to step down from the position of manager after 4 years in charge on March 27, 2021, after a 2–4 defeat at home in the Classico Nacional Femenil. Previous to this defeat, the team was coming from a string of bad results and an overall irregular performance throughout the Guardianes 2021 tournament that put the team at risk of not qualifying to the playoffs for the first time. The club appointed Cuellar's assistant, Hugo Ruíz, as interim for the rest of the tournament. America would end up qualifying for the playoffs by ending in the 8th place in the regular season. America's participation in the Guardianes 2021 tournament ended after being eliminated in the quarter-finals of the playoffs by eventual champions Tigres.

On June 4, 2021, Craig Harrington was appointed by the club as the new manager of the team.

On July 18, 2021, the club announced the signing of American player Stephanie Ribeiro, the first foreign player to play for the team.

With Harrington as the new manager and with foreign players in the roster for the first time (Sarah Luebbert and Stephanie Ribeiro), America was able to have a better campaign for the Apertura 2021 tournament than in the previous Guardianes 2021 tournament. In this Apertura 2021 tournament America ended the regular phase in the 5th place with 31 points. In the playoffs the team defeated national rivals C.D. Guadalajara in the quarter-finals (2-1), but they were once again eliminated by then champions Tigres in the semi-finals after an aggregate scoreline of 5–2.

After America's elimination against Pachuca in the quarter-finals of the playoffs of the Torneo Clausura 2022, the club decided to dismiss manager Craig Harrington on May 8, 2022, after just two tournaments due to the results that the team achieved throughout the regular season and in the playoffs of the Torneo Clausura 2022. For this Clausura 2022 tournament, America ended in the fourth place during the regular season with 37 points.

On May 28, 2022, the America Femenil U-17 team became champions of the first Liga MX Femenil U-17 tournament (Clausura 2022) by winning the final against Santos on penalties at Estadio Azteca after an aggregate scoreline of 3-3.

On June 17, 2022, the club announced Spanish manager Ángel Villacampa as the new manager of the team ahead of the Apertura 2022 tournament.

The team played its first international match against a European team when it faced Bayer 04 Leverkusen on July 5, 2022, at Estadio Azteca. This match was also the first time that a Liga MX Femenil team played against a European team. The match ended in a 1–0 victory for America with a goal from Janelly Farías.

In August 2022, the team participated on its first international competition, the 2022 The Women's Cup. In this tournament, America defeated Tottenham Hotspur 2–1 on the quarter-finals to advance to the semifinals. On the semifinals America was defeated 2-1 by OL Reign. America ended up winning the third place of the tournament by winning the third place match 5–4 against A.C. Milan.